Ben 10 Vs Zombies Action

When the zombie apocalypse happened, Ben was there to save the world. He didn't even use his Omnitirx to save the world, but it was enough. Well, the truth is that, he was too afraid that if he turned into a zombie while he was on alien mode, nothing can stop him. The mission was suicidal as he don't know if he will still be alive after the war against the undead. Fortunately, the world manage to win against the zombies and peace was restored. However, after five years, it seems that the terror is slowly creeping back. Ben is back again and like before, he won't be using the Omnitrix.

The game is non-stop as there won't be any pausing after every level. Instead, you will need to keep on killing those zombies as the game will just continue. Your character will level-up and become much stronger. You will be using a bolo as your primary weapon, but there would be lots of powerful weapon that will drop from the sky. Grab those weapons as it will just stay for a few seconds. The ammo is limited so you need to keep on grabbing the weapons that come from the sky.

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