Ben 10 Wild Run

Ben 10 got many alien transformation and most of them got eyes. Of all the alien transformation Ben have, Wild Mutt is the only one that can't see. He is not blind, but that is how he is made. All of their race don't have eyes, but they have the most powerful nose as they are using it all the time. The mutt can also climb walls or trees. Ben depends on this alien mutt when he can't depend on his eyes. It doesn't run as fast as that of XLR8, but it got powerful legs that enables it to jump high.

In this game, Ben can only transform into Wild Mutt and the idea here is to make sure that Wild Mutt never fall in cliffs. The character runs on its own and all you need to do is jump and make sure that Wild Mutt is safe. There will be some robots blocking your way, but as already told, you just need to jump to get out of trouble. You can't fight in this game and there is no need to since the game is entirely focus on running. You on the other hand should only focus on jumping.

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