Ben 10 Downtown Assault

Aggregor is back and from the looks of it, he won’t stop at anything. He brought a massive army capable of destroying worlds. He means business and he wants the galaxy or he would destroy planet after planets. Ben knows that there is only one alien that can match that much enemy, but this would be hard for him since it is hard to control. The last time that he uses Alien X is also the time when he almost loses himself. Ben didn’t hesitate as no other alien can do the job. Also the fact the whole galaxy will depend upon his shoulders make him more determined than ever.

The idea here is to defeat Aggregor’s army. You need to blast your way to lo enemies that come from different worlds. There are power-ups that can help you win the game and you need to get them. Be advice that these power-ups are only temporary. Luckily, there are lots of them in this game. Enemies will keep on coming and shoot you, but you can shoot the projectiles and shoot the enemies. Try to avoid too much damage as even Alien X can’t handle that much damage.

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