Humungosaur Giant Force

Ben 10 got lots of enemies and all of them are powerful, but of all his enemies, nothing can compare to the DNA Aliens in terms of numbers. Unlike any other alien, they don't recruit other species, but themselves. Perhaps, the right term is turning other species to another one like them. That is how their numbers grow and this is certainly, the fastest way to invade any planet. By turning the inhabitants into one of them, no one will dare fight them, but they forgot one thing. Earth has Ben Tennyson and that is something that they forgot to plan. They can't turn Ben into one of them as he got the powerful omnitrix, whihch allows him to turn into any alien he chooses.

When the DNA Aliens invaded earth, they quickly maximize their numbers and there is nothing that can be done against their numbers. Only Ben has the power to oppose him and the only alien that can defeat these aliens is non-other than Humongousaur. Ben turns into the Behemoth shows how strong it is.

This game shows how strong the giant behemoth. The idea here is to clear the DNA aliens in a level. You can only punch kick and tail sweep your enemies, so you need to be closer to them.

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