Ben 10 Omniverse Shooting

Ben wasn't prepared when the robots attacks the Earth. He needed to transform into something that has lots of fire power. Luckily, his Omnitrix transformed into Swampfire. This is just the alien that he need in case like this. It seems that the robots aren't going to stop on swarming over Earth, but the good thing is that Ben is there to save the day. He would blast those pesky robots right out of the sky. He won't give them a chance to land on our world. Help will come soon and when that happened, those robots won't have a chance against us. But, for now, Ben is all we have against those aliens.

The game is played via mouse and it is shooting game. The idea here is to keep firing at those aliens. There are power-ups floating that comes in the form of an energy ball. You need to shoot it, so that it will reveal what kind of power it holds. It can be a fire power or a shield. There are no telling on what kind of power it is, but it will always be helpful to you. The game will be harder as you progress.

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