Ben 10 Vs Santa

Ben has seen more than our world as he have traveled from one galaxy to another and all of these travels are full of excitements since he is fighting alien. These aliens are not your average aliens that want to live a peaceful life as all of them want to conquer something or at least paid to do something bad. Fortunately, Ben was there to stop them regardless of whether he will get something out of it or not. But, for Ben, meeting Santa was the greatest thing that he has achieved this year. He has been a good boy throughout the year and Santa finally noticed what he has been doing. Ben have the privilege of playing with Santa. Santa is interested with monster truck while Ben really likes something exciting. They decided on racing with a monster truck because that meets both their liking.

The game is a no holds barred race between our favorite hero and that jolly bearded man, who gives presents every year. Choose either one of them to start the race. Regardless of whom you choose, you need to beat the other guy to advance to the next level. AS you progress in the game, your opponent will be harder to beat.

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