Ben 10 - Armored Attack

Ben 10 always relies on his alien transformation whenever he gets into trouble. But what if something goes wrong. It seems impossible, but there are times when the even the impossible happens and that is something that we all must be ready for. And now, that nightmare are happening and Ben can't depend on his Omnitrix as it is broken and what a bad time. Aliens are attacking Earth and they will surely liberate Earth for their own kind if no one will stand against them. Fortunately, Ben has the Plumbers to rely on, but they can't help right now as they are busy with other aliens across the galaxy. The only help that they can give is to provide a vehicle powerful enough to combat those invading aliens.

Drive the vehicle as fast as you can till you get to the finish line. This game will have lots of aliens and they aren't friendly at all. You need to blast them before they can destroy your vehicle. Always balance your vehicle at all times because you can't make it to the next level if your vehicle crash. Grab as many coins as you drive your vehicle along the way. You can't buy anything with those coins, but they are good for extra points.

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