Ben 10 Omniverse Balls

Ben have been in many actions and during that time, we have seen countless transformation into more than 10 aliens. He started with just 10 aliens, but when he discovers about how to acquire DNA samples, he found out that he can add more alien transformation into his arsenal. Now, he can transform into more than alien. Each alien has its own strengths and weaknesses. By using them at the right time, he become stronger. With the knowledge about the alien transformation, he become far more dangerous than ever. Well, fortunately, he only uses these alien against his enemies.

Unfortunately, this game is not about his alien transformation. He won't be using his alien watch since the game is only about him not being hit by bubbles. The bouncing ball will bounce up and down and he needed to stay away of these bubbles. If he gets hit then the game is over. Just keep on avoiding the bubbles and you will advance to the next round, but there will be more bubbles as you progress in the game, so there will be more trouble for you. Do you think that you can keep on avoiding the bubbles?

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