Ben 10 Spidermonkey Jump

Ben can transform into a lot of aliens, but one of the most favorite transformation is Spidermonkey as the monkey can jump high and can shoot web balls. With its powers, Ben can work like Spiderman minus the costume. He also becomes super strong, whenever he transforms into its ultimate form. In one of his adventures, he can only use Spidermonkey as the Omnitrix only allows him to use that alien.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to avoid any obstacles at all cost. Make sure that you won't touch any of them. You can only jump whenever there are enemies, so yo need to make sure that they can't touch you. If you are hit by an obstacles then the game is over. Your score will be based on how far you traveled. Don't worry as there is a force field that you can use to make sure that none of the enemies can tough you, but beware that it is only effective against enemies. Also, the fact that it can only be use once will make you think it over before you run against enemies numerous times. There will be a boss fight and that will not be easy.

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