Ben 10 Shootout

Ben 10 is powerful alright, but that doesn't mean that he can't use blasters or other powerful weapons. He just prefers using his alien powers most of the time, but he is always ready to try some new weapon. When Vilgax organized a meeting to destroy Ben, most of his enemies came and all of them agreed to something diabolical that will conquer the world. Ben came as soon as possible to stop them, but he can't just rely on his alien powers as his enemies are both powerful and equip with the latest alien technology. Ben need to do the same or he won't stand a chance against them at all.

The game is played via keyboard and mouse. Keyboard is use for moving while the mouse serves as your gun point. Move forward and the game reveals enemies and all of them can shoot. You can shoot your enemies with your blaster, but if you have a chance to transform, you should do it as your blaster will be much powerful. Look for the icon that can help you transform. There is also the health icon to restore your health with. Aside from that, you can always look for the extra life icon. You need to make it to the checkpoint so that you don't have to start at the beginning of the game.

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