Ben 10 Rocket Attack

In a world far from our own, the world government is the culprit behind everything disastrous. That is enough reason, why some people rebel against the world government. Ben 10 wasn't an advocate of rebellion, but he immediately understand what needs to be done upon stepping on that planet. Somehow, he took part of the rebellion by supplying some rockets for the rebels. However, the world government found out about it and send some of its men to go after Ben. Ben has no choice, but to defend himself. He will use the first thing that is available to him and that is the rockets that he sells to the rebellion.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to keep shooting the enemy. Make sure that none of them gets close to the truck or the game will end in an instant. You are using the rockets. Try to conserve as many rockets that you can save as you will be selling them. You need to make the rockets count. This is just a 60 second game and you need to conserve as much ammo as you can to sell it in the black market.

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