Ben 10 - Alien Hunter

An alien race is attacking Earth and they won't stop until they got rid of the human. They don't want to damage Earth as they want it for themselves. Their planet vanished long ago and now they want a new home for their specie, but mankind will not give away their only planet and they are willing to fight for it. Sadly, the alien technology are much advance than our own. The good side is that Ben is here and he is ready to defend planet Earth against alien invaders. The aliens captured a military launch site and they are using Earth own weapon against us.

Ben will be in a spaceship and blasting away some alien baddies. Most of the time, you will be shooting some rockets. You also get some power-ups in the game. Watch out for them as they are essential in your quest to save Earth. Remember that the distance of your projectile is limited to the cursor, so you need to move your mouse as fast as you can for it to be effective. The game will be harder as you progress in the game, so you need to keep on your toes and try to defeat anything that is thrown at you.

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