Ben 10 - Jungle Adventure

In a hidden part of the Amazon, there is an unknown place, where most people haven't traveled yet. It is said that the people that live there are so fierce and they will kill anyone stranger that set foot there. Ben is in a middle of a mission to find an alien artifact and the clues lead him to that mysterious jungle. He can't use his alien transformation here as that would cause some mass panic on the jungle and might triggered something ancient being to defend the jungle. If that happened then Ben will be toast as even his alien powers won't stand a chance against that being.

This is a hack and slash game. There would be lots of Indian nearby and you need to kill them smoothly and swiftly so that the others can't respond to you quickly. You need to jump. climb and run to kill the Indians. All of the Indians will be wielding different weapons and you can't fight them head-to-head so you need some strategy when facing difficult situations. The game is continuous as there won't be any levels in the game. As soon as you jump out of a screen, you will be facing the next set of enemies.

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