Ben 10: Race Challenge

Ben is always busy with saving the world from alien threats and anything that has to do with aliens. He knows that not all aliens are bad as he had work with them with some of them in the past. The truth is that most of the technology that are used by the secret organization Plumbers came from aliens. Also, the fact that the organization are mostly aliens makes it a known fact that aliens are like humans in many ways. Well, even they want some recreation on the side and that fact makes them realize that both Ben and his cousin need some other thing in their life other than battling aliens. They give both of them a break to spend alone. The two agreed that they should have a racing challenge.

You'll be Ben in this game and you need to drive the bike as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. However, that won't be easy as beside the fact that you are competing against Gwen, the path ahead are perilous. You can easily fall in a cliff or hit your head when landing. You need to drive with safety in mind all the time and make sure to balance your bike.

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