Ben 10 Steals Cake

Everybody has a bad time in their life where they need to do something that they don't want to do just live. Well, like most of us, Ben has this tough times. That was the time that his spaceship crash in a small country. Too bad for him that his Omnitrix and and phones aren't working. He need to feed, but the problem was that he can't get a job since he is still a boy. He sees those cake son the windows and he needed to eat, so he stole them. Sometimes, he would steal the cake and sell it for money, so he can buy other things for him. Fortunately, the Plumbers are able to locate him soon and he was sent home.

The game needs speed and the right timing. Like the title of the game suggested, the idea of the game is to steal cakes. But, that won't be as easy as you think it is since there will be monsters patrolling around the area. When they get you then that is the end. You need to run to the cake and get it. Only after you get all cakes, you can get the money and go on to the next level.

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