Ben 10: Bird Hunting

Ben is a busy guy and he always make it his quest to save the world and sometimes the galaxy against any alien that want to do harm against other races. It is not his job, but he makes sure that no one will suffer just because there are beings that want to look great for the price of many. But like anyone else, he also like to have some time out and to have fun doing other things. He don't want to be dull guy that don't do anything at all except battling aliens.

In this game, Ben battles with nature as he hunts flying birds. However, that is not easy since the birds are flying and you will have to control the game through your keyboards one at a time. Should a bird escape, it will poo on you before leaving. If you get too much poo then the game will be over before you know it.

You need to act quick and be accurate at your aim. Shoot them down as soon as you got the sight. There won't be another level if you can't kill those birds as quick as possible. Don't let the birds escape you.

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