Ben 10 - Power Hunt

Ben and Vilgax have been going at each other since Ben first got the Omnitrix. Vilgax wants the alien device, so he can rule the galaxy with it. He isn't willing to wear it, but he wants an army of aliens that can transform into another alien. When that happens, nothing can stop him. That is why; Ben is making sure that the villain can't get his hands on the watch. Besides, Vilgax has been an enemy of his grandpa ever since he first become a Plumber. Ben is continuing the fight against Vilgax and he won't let his Grandpa Max down.

This game is a hunt for power. The idea here is not to fight Vilgax head on, but to search for the power that are scattered all over the place. You won't need to transform into one of the alien heroes in order to fight Vilgax. You just need to avoid contact with Vilgax as you look for some power-ups located in the area. The building is full of ladders and you can use it to get to the power-ups. Vilgax won't be looking for the power-ups as he is just interested in you. Make sure, that you don't get in confrontation with your enemy or you'll be sorry.

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