Ben 10 - Delivery

Ben has been known as the guy to call whenever there are alien attacks. He have been doing this ever since he was a 10 year old boy. That was the time, when he first got in possession of the alien watch that can transform him into 10 different aliens. He is a lot stronger now, since he can transform into more than 10 different aliens at a time. He discovered that the alien device can do that merely transform him into another alien. Aside from its alien transforming powers, it can also acquire new alien DNA that will enable Ben to transform into that alien. With the new found power, Ben is now stronger and probably popular than before.

The idea of the game is to deliver the cargoes into its destination before your time expires. You can only go to the next level if you fulfill the required cargo in that level. It will be better if you can deliver more cargo to the destination point, thus, getting there with more than enough cargoes will be better for you. The game will be harder as you progress in the game, so you need to be careful when driving. Always exercise some safety precautions whenever you are in the road.

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