Ben 10 Snowbrawl 2

Every year Santa is hosting a Snowbrawl at the North Pole and he invites all the famous personalities in Cartoon land. Last year wasn't favorable for Ben and his friends, but this year, they swear to win the snowbrawl. But, every team want to win the competition. For sure, this would be a tight battle for every team as they are going to do their best in winning the fight. Even if Ben can't use his alien form in this fight, they got a good chance because they have been preparing for this all year round.

The idea of the game is to cover the other team with snow. You need to throw some snow over the other team. Each of the team will have three members and you can only control one member of the team. There are power shots that you can use to defeat the other team easily, but, you should be advise that the computer also knows that. Basically, you need to dock and throw to win the game. You won't be having an easy time with this game since there are lots of flying snowball all game long. The game ends once one of the team is all covered with snow. Of course, you won't want that to happen to you or the game ends.

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