Ben 10 - Fishing Game

Ben has been fighting aliens ever since he got the powerful device known as the Omnitrix. And you might think that he is a dull guy since he don't know anything outside of his usual stuff. But, that is where you are wrong, he have lots of hobbies and fishing is one of them. Whenever, he got some time, he would go fishing with his grandpa. They would go in a boat ride and go to their secret place, but his grandpa is busy nowadays that they seldom got the same time to do their favorite hobby. Ben got on the boat and hope to catch some fish. He knows that his time is limited as there is no tell when there will be trouble, so he need to catch as much fish as he can before that even happens.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to lower the bait where there are fish. Once, the fish bites the bait then it is time to pull it out of the water. However, there is an obstacle in this game and that is the bad weather on your top. You need to avoid that, so you won't be hit by lightning. Every fish has its equivalent points and of course, bigger fish commands a higher point. You need to avoid getting those trash in the water as that will deduct some points out of your score.

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