Ben 10: Jetski

For those, who thinks that all Ben does is to fight aliens, you don't really know Ben at all. Ben is like any of us, who want to enjoy himself with some recreational stuffs. Ben likes to ride his bike whenever he has the time, but we can't expect him to ride it all the time. Sometimes, he do jetski as well, just to have some kind of diversion, other than his usual stuff. He like riding his bike, so he figure that he might as well do the same thing in the water. Since a jetski is the only way to do that, he needed to study it.

The idea of the game is to safely get to the finish line. There are no time limit in the game, so take as much time as you want to ensure that you will be safe. Grab some Omnitrix symbol as you ride your jetski to add some points to your score. Try to balance you vehicle at all times as you might crash if you are not careful enough. The ramps in the water serves as an obstacles, but that won't be a problem to you at first. The problem comes after a few levels since the game will present some new obstacles for you.

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