Ben 10 Takedown

We might have seen Ben always using his Omnitrix whenever there are troubles and some people might think that he can't use a weapon at all. Actually, he can use a blaster skillfully, it is just that he prepares to use his alien powers most of the time since he has grown accustomed to it. Besides, he don't need to recharge it like a blaster would. But, there are cases, where he depended on the blaster to fight his enemies. And most of this cases are times when his Omnitrix isn't working. There are a lot of reasons why his Omnitrix won't work and it is isn't important anymore since he can beat his enemies using a blaster anyway.

The game is all about Ben 10 not using his alien device. This time, he will depend sole on his weapon. The idea here is to get to the warp zone as fast as you can. There are no time limit in this game, but it would be better to get there as soon as you can. It is always a good practice to be early. Grab some Omnitrix symbols as you will need them to upgrade your blaster later in the game.

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