Ben 10 and his Tooth Problem

Ben 10 might be one of the greatest hero this world has ever seen, but he is still a kid. And like any kid, he like candies and anything sweet. Because of this, his teeth are all messed up. His teeth really need a makeover as most of them are broken because Ben hasn't been taking care of them. Ben might be good at fighting aliens, but he is not that good at taking care of his teeth. Now, he need to go to the dentist, where his teeth would be taken care of. Like any kid, he is still afraid of the dentist.

The game is played via mouse and it is interactive. The idea of the game is clean, the teeth, and get rid of anything filthy that you see in mouth. Pull out the bad teeth and replace it with a false teeth. Get rid of any cavity that is building up in his teeth. The game doesn't have any time limit, so take as much time as you like. Those teeth must be all white and won't have any traces of residue on it or you fail the game. This game doesn't have any level as you are finish with the game.

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