Ben 10: Truck Rider

Ben has been fighting aliens ever since he got the alien device. And you might think that is all he does. Actually, he got a life, even when he don't have the Omnitrix yet, he work as a part time truck driver. We all know that a truck is the one of the hardest vehicles to maneuver, but somehow Ben can handle it. This just proves his exceptional skills. While most people would be afraid to drive a truck, he has shown tremendous courage in driving. Also, the fact that he is driving a truck makes him special because it is not easy to get a truck license. Think about it, he is only 10 years old, but he can already drive a truck.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Try to balance your truck at all times as the road ahead is made out of mountains. It is easy for any vehicle to crash in this kind of trail. A truck is made for tough road, but that doesn't mean that it is crash-proof. Grab some Omnitrix symbol while you are on your way to the finish line. The game will get harder as you progress.

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