Ben 10 Vs Zombie

Zombies have taken over the world and the government can't do something about it. They are afraid of the zombies because the undead might turn them into one of them. They are already lots of casualties from the soldiers that they had send earlier. Each soldier that the zombie kills turns into one of them and their numbers are growing since there are also some civilians in the area. However, all is not lost as Ben is here to save the day. Armed with a knife, gun and explosives, he will risk his life to save others. Ben might not have the ability to transform into an alien anymore, but his courage is still there and that is what important in a war situation.

The idea here is to kill the zombies as fast as you can. You can't go head-to-head with a zombie because they are stronger than you. You have a knife, but you won't last long if you keep on depending on it. It is wise to use the gun whenever you see zombies, so they can't touch you. If there are lots of zombies then use the grenade to get rid of them immediately. You will earn money after every level and you can use it to buy upgrades.

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