Ben 10 Street Fight

Ben is always into a fight with aliens, but he always uses his alien powers to battle those aliens. Without his alien powers, Ben don't stand a chance against the menacing aliens. Some people might think that he can't fight aliens without the Omnitrix, but that is where they are wrong since his cousin, Gwen taught him how to defend himself with just his bare fist. He started since he was just a boy and now that he is already a teen, Ben is stronger than before and can really throw a punch. Those aliens think that they got the upper hand once that Ben can't turn into an alien, but wait till they got beaten up by Ben in his human form.

The idea here is to beat the alien through punching or kicking. Some aliens will drop money and there are those that will drop some power-up. The power-up are for filling the power bars. When that power bar is full then you can transform into Humungousaur and beat the hell out of those guys. You can buy some upgrades whenever you like it, just click on the store and you can improve your health, punch, and endurance.

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