Ben 10 - BMX

Kevin is Ben's best friend, but they are not always the best of buddies as they started as enemies. Well technically they were enemies since they first met when they were just kids. Back then, Kevin was a delinquent and when Ben meet him, Ben save him from the bullies. Little did Ben knew that Kevin was really bad as the latter try to steal something and Ben stop him. That is why; they become enemies, but as they grew up, Kevin fell in love with Ben's cousin, Gwen and the two is in a relationship. Anyway, Ben and Kevin is still fighting, but in a friendly way. This time, each of them want to prove to the other than he is better. They decided that it would be better to see, whoever is better through a friendly bike race.

You are Ben in this game and the idea here is to beat Kevin at the race. You need to ride your bike and drive as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Kevin will do the same, so you need to do your best. Grab the Omnitrix symbol as they contain some of your alien transformation.

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