Ben 10: Ultimate Warrior

Ben is trap in video game. There he need to complete his task in order to get back to the real world. However, everything won't be easy as the game master sent in some samurai to stop Ben from doing just that. But, Ben is determine to get back to the real world and stop the aliens from invading the world. For sure, he would come back to the real world someday, but that will take some time since the enemies in the video game aren't push overs. Besides, it will be hard for Ben to fight them since he don't have the power of the Omnitrix to back him up. He needs to collect the alien within the game to be able to use it.

The game is full of action and the idea here is to defeat your enemies to get to the finish line. Grab some omnitrix symbol for some points and the alien symbols to be able to transform into that alien. Watch your life bar as it would be a hard fought battle since you can't transform into an alien unless you got an alien symbol. Once, you got an alien power then you can use it and see how those enemies be defeated easily. .

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