Ben 10 - ATV Jungle Rush

You might think that his life only filled with fighting aliens and nothing more. And that might be boring for some since that is just one activity and once that there are no more aliens causing some problems for the people then Ben would just lay on his bed. Actually, Ben got tons of activities on his head and he can only do it whenever he has some free time and this doesn't come often. One of those activity is spending his time on his ATV. He likes riding his ATV at the jungle since it has the perfect terrain that will challenge him.

Drive your ATV as fast as you an till you reach the finish line. There are no timer in this game and you can take as much time as you want. Grab some omnitrix symbols while you are on the road for some points. As you progress further, you will find that the game is getting harder and harder. The terrain will have lots of mountain. Controlling your ATV will be harder since the mountains have a high steep.

Are you ready to face the danger in the jungle and prove to the world that you are ready to take on the world?

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