Ben 10: Chase Down 2

It's been a year since Ben started working with a government. We have learned that there are some aliens that are trying to cause havoc in the city and this is Ben expertise. The government hired him to chase down those aliens that are driving some vehicles with the intention of destroying buildings. It would be too hard for the CIA to detect which is which so they opted for Ben to help them. Ben was happy to help; besides Ben is being paid per assignment. Ben would be happy even if he is not getting paid, but the government want Ben to be on their payroll, so they could get some report from Ben.

The idea is to chase down those rouge cars; you won't have a trouble identifying them as there is an arrow that would point you to your target. Destroy that vehicle as fast as you can and proceed to the next. Only after, you are close to your target that you will see the arrow. You can either bump it till it is crash or do it the easy way. Shoot it with your projectile weapon. The game will be harder as you make some progress in the game.

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