Ben 10: Alien Jumper

Ben is always fighting aliens, but there are times that he is fighting his own kind as they have some evil plan for the world or the alien race. Ben is a just man and he couldn't permit any harm being done to his own race or other races. He needs to be fit and tough all the time so that he is ready for any challenges that is awaiting him. This mean that he need some exercise regularly to be fit and strong. One of his favorite exercise is jumping. This exercise makes him strong as this is almost a complete form of exercise. Aside from the cardiovascular benefit that he is getting from this form of exercise, it also serves as a strength training since it strengthens his legs and calf muscles. >/br>
In this game, you would need to jump as high as you can. Once that you land on solid ground then the whole thing is over. There are no time limit in this game. You would need to jump on those balloons that is dropping from the sky. If you can't do that then you would fall down. You won't get another try in this game unless you start from the very beginning, which means that all your points will revert back to zero.

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