Ben 10: Monster Truck

Ben is always fighting some alien, but we all know that alien invading the world doesn't happen on a regular basis. Ben would need some recreation to keep his sanity. He can't just wait till there is another invasion or he will surely lose whatever sanity he has left with him. Since, he really likes adrenaline pumping activities, he tried driving a monster truck and he likes what he discovered. Finally, he is able to have some fun activity that would fit his lifestyle without the aliens. Driving a monster truck is something that he could do all day without getting bored.

The idea of the game is to drive the truck as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Grab as much omnitrix as you can for more points. You don't need to do some stunts for more points as that would just be a waste of time. As always, drive with safety in mind because the truck is not indestructible. There are no timer in the game, but getting to the finish line as as fast as possible will give you more points. You have three lives, which you can use for all the levels of the game.

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