Ben 10: Car Chase

Ben is forever fighting aliens to save not only the world, but also the galaxy from evil aliens. Of course, he knows that not all aliens are bad as he have made some friends with some of them already. Anyway, a group of evil aliens have infiltrated the world and they want to cause some havoc. They want the people to believe that some terrorists are planning to bomb to city so that it would be the cause of war. Fortunately, the Plumbers found out about it and they quickly dispatch Ben to save the day. Ben must not transform into one of his alien as this is a secret mission.

Drive your car as fast as possible till you reach the target. Quickly dispose of your target because there will be more. As soon as one target crashes, you would need to chase after another target. You will know that you are close to your target as you will see an arrow pointing you to the target. Try to limit the damage that your car is taking since it will crash and that will be the end of the game. The game get harder as you progress in levels. There will be more targets for you, which means that your car will take more damage, but your life points will remain the same as before.

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