Ben 10: Kung fu

Whenever there are aliens around, we can count on Ben to save us and beat those evil aliens. Of course, he have this powerful device that he uses to transform into one of his hero aliens. He first got it when he was 10 years old and has grown to become an expert on using the powers of the alien. The device also has the ability to gather more alien powers through DNA. But, what if the OMnitrix isn't working? That is a problem that must be solve, so Ben studied some kung fu under a kung fu master. Within a short years, he was able to master it and now, he uses it to fight aliens.

This game is a full contact game, wherein Ben will be fighting against aliens without the power of the Omnitrix. Ben will be using kung fu to battle those aliens. The aliens will do the same. The idea here is to beat the alien until it can't move anymore. You can only advance to the next area, once you beat your opponent. You got five life and when that is all lost then the game is all over. The game gets harder as you progress.

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