Ben 10 Power Hunt

Ben has been using the power of the Omnitrix ever since he first got the Omnitrix, but we all know that nothing last forever. That's what happened to Ben, he depends too much on his alien device that it lost its power. He need to recharge it to be able to use it again, but the problem is that it would take too long. His time is not enough when an alien attacks the world. He can't do anything unless the Omnitrix is fully restored to its full potential. However, things won't be easy for Ben as Vilgax is on his trail. Vilgax can't let him gather some resources for the Omnitrix.

The idea here is to get the Omnitrix symbol. Vilgax is in the game and he serves as the obstacle. However, this obstacle won't be easy since he would follow you around and you can't do anything to fight him. In short, the moment that he catches you then the game will be over. Stay away from Vilgax and make sure to get all the omnitrix symbols before Vilgax can get to you. This game is time restricted, so keep on moving. The game will be harder as you progress.

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