Ben 10: Power Jump

Ben likes the feel of adrenaline pumping. That is the same reason; why he bothers to save the world from those evil aliens with a knack for world domination. He is not that patriot as he is still a kid and he do like to get thrilled. That is what he gets from fighting aliens. However, the problem with this hobby is that you won't be able to do it all the time. In order to for him to get that adrenaline going up, he need some kind of sport that will thrill him. He do got a lot of sports that does that, but nothing compares to jumping from cliff to another cliff.

The idea here is to jump from one cliff to another non-stop. Actually, you don't stop since the character keeps on running and it is up to you to make sure that the character won't fall out the cliff. You can't stop in this game. The only way that you would stop is when you fell off the cliff, but you don't want that so that distance you had covered keeps on increasing. Grab those Ben 10 icon for added points. The game involves a lot of timing and you can't go far if your timing is bad. The game doesn't have any timer.

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