Ben 10: Train Champ

Ben is not the athletic type of guy and this is the reason why he switch into an alien whenever there are trouble around. After he turned into an alien, he can use their powers. As long as he knows what kind of powers the alien has, he can beat the enemies. However, what if, she can't turn into an alien anymore? This might not be possible, but he should expect the unexpected since it is just natural. There might come a time that his Omnitrix isn't going to work. Probably, the best idea for him is to run as fast as he can till the Omnitrix is working again. However, we all know that won't be easy since there would be some kind of obstacle on his way.

This game exploit that fact and the idea here is to get as far as you can. There are no time limit in this game and there are certainly any finish line. This game is continual as you would keep on running till you are dead. The idea here is to make sure that no obstacle will slow you down. If you are out of the screen then the game will be over.

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