Ben 10 - Top Gun

Ben has a close relationship with his grandpa ever since he first got his Omnitrix. Back then, he don't even know of his ancestors has an alien origin. He thinks of his grandpa as just a normal old man. He already know about the job of his grandpa, but he never thought that it was a secret organization built to protect the galaxy from evil. Eventually, he found out about his grandpa being an agent of that secret organization - Plumbers. when Vilgax captured Grandpa Max, the latter demanded that the Omnitrix be handed to him in exchange of his grandpa. Ben knows that Vilgax will never do any good, so he decided to fight to save his grandpa.

You can fight as Ben or Gwen as the two are cousins. The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to shoot down those enemies. Stay away from those clouds as they are emitting some lighting. Grab the power-ups as that will booster your fire power. Grab those extra points for easy points. The alien ships commands higher points, but that won't be easy since they also shoot and has a high resistance. As you progress, you will find out that it will be more dangerous.

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