Ben 10 Ripjaw

Ben 10 doesn't want any bad guy to win. Dr Psychobos finally found a world full of water and the inhabitants there also live in water. With the help of his great mind, he was able to create a device to allow him to live underwater for the rest of his life. He knows that there won't be anyone there powerful enough to confront him, so he decided to live there and become the ruler of that world. Someday, he promised to himself that he will get back at those, who always ruined his plan. Ben know that Psychobos will be conducting some illegal experiments there, so he followed Psychobos to put a stop to the latter's evil ambition.

The only alien that can be use in this game is Ripjaw since this is a water world. The idea here is to make sure that Ripjaw won't hit anything. Grab some Omnitrix symbol for life points, but stay away from Psychobos, electric eel, bombs, and water mine. You need to travel as far as you can. Your score will depend on how far you are able to reach in the game. There are no levels in this game.

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