Ben 10 - The Alien Device

Several years ago, an alien device crash landed on earth. No one knew what it can do, but everyone thinks that it is a powerful device, so the Plumbers hid it on sight. They knew that if someone would get a hold of it then it could be use for evil purpose and they don't want that. When Grandpa Max learns that Kevin escape the Nullvoid, he knew that he would need the Nullvoid projector. Gwen was nowhere in sight, so he can't go on. Ben search for his cousin almost everywhere, but couldn't find her. At last, he was finally able to find his cousin at the boat and listening to a music. Ben need to call her attention in any way.

The game is played via mouse and it is interactive. You need to keep on clicking as you will find the answer there. Anyway, upon pointing the cursor at several objects, you will noticed that the cursor changes. When that happens then you should pay attention as that has something to do with the game. Try to explore around to find out more. There is a help that you can use, but it is only limited.

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