Sumo Slammer Samurai

When Ben was playing Sumo Slammo with his cousin, Gwen. They were transported into the game and somehow got stuck there. Immediately, they were confronted by the villain, Kenko. Fortunately, they got some help from Ultra T, but Kenko was too powerful and they were force to retreat. Ben cant use his alien powers in this game. He need to retrieve them from the game itself. To do that, he need to explore and search for the alien DNA within the game. Kenko found out about that and plan to use it against the heroes.

The game is a non-stop fighting action. The idea here is to defeat the enemy as fast as you can. You can use a sword or some ninja stars to do that. You don't need to get close to the enemy just to destroy them. You can also use some of the alien powers, but to do that, first you need to collect the alien DNA. The alien DNA are hidden in the levels, so you need to search for them. Grab some points that you can see on the game. You can also destroy some robots to gain more points. You can go back to the starting line if you forgot something there.

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