Ultimate Alien Rescue

Aggregor comes from the Osmosian race that can absorb other beings into their system. However, they can only use the absorb power for a short time. Aggregor want to keep the absorbed power fora long time. He kidnapped some of the most powerful alien race in the galaxy in the world. The aliens was able to escape Aggregor, but their ship was heavily damaged. They crash landed on Eartha met with Ben. Immediately, Ben called the Plumbers and asked for their assistance. Soon, a ship came by to transport the alien back to their world. But, everyone wasn't ready when they found out, who was flying the ship. It was Aggregor himself. On Earth, Ben finally found that the Plumbers haven't sent a ship and that one of their ship got stolen. Ben realized that it was Aggregor and he planned on saving the aliens.

The idea here is to save the alien from Aggregor. As Swampfire, you can fire fireball. Use it to destroy robots and the ship defenses. Try to limit the amount of damage that you are taking. Your character will start from the beginning if it dies in the ship. There are no timer in the game.

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