Ben 10 Adventure Ride

You might not know it, Ben is just like anyone, who enjoys himself every now and then. Of course, you can't see it often since most of the time, he is too busy to save the galaxy from any menaces that want something evil. It doesn't matter what was the evil intention. it is all the same for Ben since he would stop them anyway. That is how he spent most of his days, but today, he would just spend it riding bike and enjoying the cool breeze of wind touching his face. He is off to a new adventure today.

This game has nothing to do with fighting aliens as this is just a friendly bike game, where all Ben does is to ride his bike. Of course, danger is his middle name and there won't be any game without any obstacle. He need to get to finish line as safely as possible. Grab the alien symbols for some points while riding your bike. You must not fall on your back or the game will be over. You only got five lives in this game and you know what happens when all those lives are gone. There are no time limit in this game.

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