Ben 10: Turbo Racer

Ben is a class stuntman. He learned this from fighting powerful beings. He learned it while under pressure as that is what makes us innovative. it brings out the best in us since we need to survive and to do that, we need to give the best that we have. if Ben is not in his best then he can be easily defeated by his enemies. They are giving their best during a battle so battling any aliens with your full power will be stupid. One of his favorite sports is biking and riding his bike surely gives him a lot of bruises. But, just like anyone else, he learns from his mistake and that will surely give him success in the right time.

Ride your bike as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Grab those extra points that are up in the air for added points. Each will be different, so try to do your best. There will be no timer in this game. Balance your bike all the time as the terrain makes it easy for you to crash. You only have three lives to spare and there are only seven levels in the entire game.

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