Ben 10: Super Skate

Ben is one of the best superheroes in this modern world since he fights evil aliens and anyone that might do harm not only to this world, but for the whole galaxy. His greatness comes not from the fact that he has the Omnitrix, but his willingness to help other people or aliens alike. Anyway, he is willing to battle anyone or any alien that want to do something bad against others. He is sure quite the super hero that most of us would want to grow up to, but he is still a child that needs some recreation. He likes bikes, scooter, skateboard and anything that will bring his adrenaline high enough.

Swing back and forth till you reach the highest jump that you possibly do with the skateboard. The idea is simple, you need to use the leverage of your body to be able to reach maximum speed and be able to get the highest possible that you can reach. It will be then recorded as your first jump, but that is not the end of it as there will be two other jumps, meaning that you would need to do it again two times more.

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