Ben 10 - Ninja Spirit

Ben always depends on his Omnitrix (alien watch). People often thinks that he is nothing without his watch, but that is where they are wrong because Ben knows Ninjutsu and he would use it if he don't have the alien watch. It is just that it is cooler if he will be suing some alien powers. He don't often use his Ninjutsu, but when he does, his enemies will surely fear for their life as Ninjutsu is something that you can's mess with. The power of Ninjutsu is for assassinating people and no one an argue about that.

In this game, you are a ninja and you need to get to your destination to do your job. However, getting there won't be easy as there are lots of enemies with some martial arts background themselves. You won't have ninja stars even if you are a ninja in this game as you would depend entirely on your sword. You need to take out those enemies of your as fast as you can before there will be many of them coming your way. Don't just walk and walk as there will be lots of enemies if you do that. You need to finish one enemy at a time, before you walk so that it will be easier for you to take them out.

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