Ben 10 Boxing Game

Ben 10 was only 10 years old when he found the Omnitrix. Since that summer, his life ha change. It was full of fighting aliens. The aliens seems to have a vendetta against him as he got the Omnitrix. They want the power of the watch for themselves, but Ben can't give it to them since that would mean cutting his arm off. Besides, having the alien watch was so cool as he got powers at his command. He is not going to back out from anyone since he have a powerful device, but most people would think that he is a coward, who hides at the back of his powerful watch. That is why; when Ben got bigger, he started training with boxing. He knows that knocking down his opponent will assure him of the respect that he is longing for. Besides, the money that he makes from the sport is huge.

Ben won't be needing his watch on this game as this game depends upon his physical strength. The idea here is to knock down your opponent till he can't stand up anymore. That won't be easy as the enemy would surely want to win the match.

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