Ben 10 - Cross the Hell

Ben 10 has seen many things in his life and most of it are something that a common man can't see. He possesses the powerful alien device known as the Omnitrix and this has made him formidable. But, it is true that he had seen all in his life. Well, the truth is that, he hasn't seen all since he never died before. That is the only way that he can go to hell or the opposite of that. The problem with dying is that you might never come back to life and that is something that Ben won't do since he values his life.

In this game, that is something that will come true. The idea here is to jump form one platform to another, but that won't be easy as you will die if your calculation is wrong. The game is played via mouse and you need to calculate the power of your jump right to be able to jump across to the other platform. There won't be obstacles in this game as calculating the power of the needed jump is already hard. The game don't need to be much harder than that since no one will play it if the game is too much harder.

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