Ben 10: Ice Skates

Ben 10 likes to play it rough and we often see him battling aliens and human villains alike. That only proves that he is not bias to anyone or any alien. He would fight those that would pose a threat to anyone. Because of that, he got lots of enemies, but he can manage it since he got a powerful device that can transform him to an alien. Aside from that, he also got the moves that makes him formidable. The alien watch is not his only weapon as he also got the moves that he got from his hobbies. These hobbies keeps him in fighting condition. Some of his hobbies include biking, racing, and skating. Each one of the said hobby makes sure that he is in top fighting condition.

In this game, you will be skating as Ben. The idea here is to get to the finish line safely. Skating is fun, but could be deadly if you are not careful enough. The obstacle here are the rocks and hills that can put your life in harm's way. Grab some snowflakes for additional points. Don't try to do any stunts since that won't help you to get more score.

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