Ben 10 Upchuck Unleashed

While Ben was in a vacation together with his grandpa and cousin, he found a mysterious watch that change his life. Since then, he is constantly fighting aliens. But, aliens were just one of his enemies as he had encountered lots of evil people like Dr. Animo, Forever Knight and a lot more. He first encountered the Forever Knight when he was just small as the Forever Knight was after an ancient dragon, who turns out to be an alien trap in time. Ben helps the dragon escape and has since then in the wanted list of the Forever Knights. Now, The Forever Knights are up to their wrong doing and Ben wants to stop them once and for all. But, to do that, he needs to reach the Forever King.

The game is like a maze as you will need to explore the each floor. However, reaching the next floor won't be easy. Aside from the Forever Knights protecting it, you will also need to find some keys. There are two kinds of keys here - silver and gold. Each key corresponds to the door they could open. To fight the enemies, you will need to swallow a crate or barrel to load some ammo to Upchuck.

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